Wolfgang Puck Trades Cookbooks for Test Kitchens

Chef and restaurant mogul Wolfgang Puck is planning to create an online cooking program. Even though Puck released a book entitled Wolfgang Puck Makes It Healthy earlier this year to share low-fat recipes that are rich in flavor, Puck is introducing online cooking instructor for chefs who are visual learners.

Puck asserts that he’s no longer going to write cookbooks. He states that he realizes that young people spent lots of time on the computer, and that watching a professional cook prepare recipes could be beneficial. The online cooking school could also be helpful for those who are beginners when it comes to cooking.

Puck, a native of Austria, has also stated that he feels the American food scene has improve dramatically. Many out of country visitors like Gianfrancesco Genoso feel the same way. He states that this is primarily due to the fact that more young people are starting to become interested in food and cooking.

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