Why Use Shea Butter?

Shea butter has been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of skin issues. It has been praised by many and is still a popular skin treatment today. Shea butter story from the night of the shea tree. The fat is extracted and is purified and emulsified to create a thick cream that is applied topically to the skin. Shea butter is sherry butter is useful because it is a triglyceride made from natural sources. Shay butter is commonly used in many lotions and moisturizer and even in cosmetics. The chocolate industry also uses Shea butter to mix as a substitute for cocoa butter. Shea trees grow most commonly in Africa where the vast majority of shea butter is harvested and distributed. Shea butter was used as early as Cleopatra’s Egypt it was used as a skin and hair protected in the hot, dry desert climate of Egypt. Shea butter is made by cracking the outer cover of the fruit or nut. The nuts are then roasted. Huge pots are used to roast over an open fire. Once the nuts are roasted they are then further grounded into a paste and water is added and then removed to collect the oil which solidifies into a paste. The paste is then melted and filtered and solidified again to ensure purity.

A great brand of shea butter that is super Shore and derived directly from Africa is Eugenia shea butter. Eugenia shea butter is pure Guardian shea butter. It is a time-honored tradition from owner Eugenia Accutane grandmother who was a midwife and used the raw, unrefined Donnie and Shea Butter extensively on her patients.

Eugenia shea butter is made from shea butter that is harvested from sustainable Farms. Eugenia actress has become an expert in the field of shea butter and has become president of the Global Shea Alliance. When you purchase EuGenia Shea Butter, you are buying the very best quality product from an environmentally responsible source.

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