Who is CEO Perry Mandera?

America’s top 100 Transportation Executives of the Millennial era, member of the Trucking Association’s board of Directors since 2007 – Perry Mandera a philanthropist and founder of then charity organization The Custom Cares Charities, Inc.

Custom Cares Charities supports over 100 youth sports teams through the Chicagoland and Illinois communities plus provides monetary educational support to young adults and children specifically those who’ve been abused and are unprivileged. Get details on Perry Mandera at releasefact.com.

Perry Mandera learned to drive a truck in 1975 when he was in the Marine Corps Reserves where his assignment was to be a motor pool. He received an honorable discharge from the U.S Marine Corps as he returned to civilian life.

In 1980, Mandera opened up his transportation business then in 1985 he sold it. A year after that closing however, Perry Mandera had a brilliant idea for his next big move. After years of experience in the transportation industry, Mr. Mandera founded The Custom Companies Inc. Learn more about Perry Mandera at gazetteday.com.

What is The Custom Companies Inc.?

Perry Mandera president of The Custom Companies Inc. for three years and running is expanding to lucrative freightage logistics companies while serving clients all across the globe. Mr. Mandera stays on top using cutting-edge technology like his proprietary dock management system (DMS) which is used to control the shipments. Perry’s DMS uses Wi-Fi connection where supervisors can send up to 5 assignments to driver’s at a time organized by priority which increases productivity and turnabout time.

The mission of The Custom Companies Inc. is to deliver excellent customer service the first time around, with 2,000 different machines, The Custom Companies Inc. keeps their promise in being the Go-To company for everyone’s trucking logistic needs. The companies’ culture doesn’t only assist large companies but small companies as well by customizing solutions for each clients goals and needs.

Even though Perry Mandera is the founder of his own company he stays very involved in his community through youth school programs, youth sports as well as the church.

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