What’s Up With All Those Geeks Drinking Protein Shakes?

The brilliant minds of Silicon Valley are known for delivering a host of innovations. The newest innovation they have come up with, however, has nothing to do with computers or technology. Rather, a FreedomPop review wrote that they have come up with a new diet fad that just might sweep the nation. Welcome to the wonderful world of Silicon Valley protein powders.

Wait a minute. Haven’t protein powder shakes been around for decades? Yes, bodybuilders are quite well aware of them. Protein powders work nicely as meal replacements and can help muscle repair itself after a workout. So, why are programming geeks chugging down protein shakes with such abandon? Basically, they are solely focusing on the meal replacement component of the shakes and this is not a good thing.

For one, you cannot dispense with solid food for long without suffering ill-effects. Solely drinking protein shakes for food is going to do little more than prevent a lot of necessary nutrients from making their way into a diet. Also, the massive calorie restrictions could lead to a slowed down metabolism and other woes. Namely, too much protein is really not good for the kidneys.

Geeks really should stick with what they are good at and leave the diet and nutrition advice to the experts. Going on a strict protein shake diet to get more time during the work day is a really bad idea. As a rule, always get a good meal or two during the day and make sure your diet is well-balanced.

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