What You Can Learn about Cyber Security from Game of Thrones

The Night’s Watch in Game of Thrones is responsible for keeping the 7 kingdoms safe from intruders including Wights, White Walkers and Wildings. It can be compared to cyber security teams, which are tasked with keeping organizations’ data safe from cyber threats. Jon Snow was very prudent in his decision to involve everyone in fortifying the wall. Organization leaders should do the same by ensuring that all members of the organization are well trained to play their part in keeping the organization safe from cyber-attacks.

One important lesson is drawn from season 1 of the series, where Jon Snow is attacked by a Wight, who had been brought to Castle Black as a dead body of one of the Night’s watchmen. This can be compared to zombie accounts, which many employers do not bother to get rid of once an employee leaves their organization. A lot of damage can be done through these accounts since company data can be accessed through them. To avoid this risk, employers need to have procedures in place to ensure that any accounts that were held by ex-employees are destroyed or the passwords changed.

In Game of Thrones, the Night Watch requests the leaders of the 7 kingdoms for more resources to keep the kingdoms safe but the leaders dismiss their pleas, claiming that White Walkers do not exist and if they do, the wall will keep them out. It turns out that the White Walkers do exist and they end up causing a lot of damage in the war. This can be compared to organizations today. Cyber security is an issue of growing concern yet very few CEOs and directors take cyber threats seriously. This means that not enough resources are invested in keeping company data safe and when cyber-attacks do happen, the losses are tremendous. Organization leaders, therefore, need to take these threats seriously and make sure they are well equipped to deal with them.

It is clear that organizations need to invest more effort and resources in cyber security. Companies such as OneLogin often provide useful tips that organizations can use to improve their cyber security. These important lessons from Game of Thrones can be of great help to organizations if they follow the recommendations given.

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