What We Need to Know About Betsy Devos

While perhaps a bit tone deaf, no one can deny the influence Betsy DeVos has had as a resident of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Still, the locals in western Michigan struggle to reconcile the Betsy DeVos they once knew with the Betsy DeVos who works as the controversial secretary of education under the Trump Administration. The Betsy DeVos who grew up around Grand Rapids had a reputation for philanthropy and generosity. Even the residents who disliked her political tendencies and unwavering commitment to charter schools couldn’t argue about what an asset she was to the community.



What You Hear About Her Now


Nowadays, Betsy DeVos has a reputation among her critics as tone-deaf, unprepared and insulated. More than a couple interviews with individuals who knew DeVos would say that they were familiar with how she deals with the state, and they used these words to describe her as the secretary of education.



Origins of DeVos Wealth


Hailing from the wealthy Prince family, Elsa Zwiep, the mother of Betsy DeVos, gave birth to Betsy DeVos on January 8, 1958. She was originally born in Holland, Michigan. Throughout her childhood, Betsy DeVos attended the Christian Reformed Church. Holland, Michigan, primarily consists of Dutch immigrants. Later, DeVos enrolled at Calvin College. U.S. News and World Report ranked this as the number one college in the midwest. Meanwhile, Forbes ranked it as number 187 on a national level. Shortly after, Betsy DeVos married Dick DeVos, the son to the famous co-founders of Amway. Dick DeVos tried to run for governor over a decade ago, but he lost in the primaries.



Famous Conservative Philanthropists


Over the years, the DeVos family has contributed to numerous political and religious conservative causes. The family advocates for expanding charter schools in the state of Michigan because they believe that it will bring educational benefits to less-privileged families. Charter schools allow for students to pay for private schooling through public funding, but critics of this approach say that it diverts much-needed funding away from public schools.


The DeVos family remains outspoken about educational causes for charter schools, and they believe that everyone has the right to a good education. The people on both sides of the scale have argued with equally good points. With DeVos in office, however, the likelihood of charter schools becoming more popular across the nation is quite likely because of a secretary of education who advocates so strongly for them.


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