We Make Outing for Ladies Easy: Kate Hudson

You do not necessarily need to tie yourself up in some uncomfortable designs inside to appear smart outside. Similarly, fashion does not necessarily need to compromise on the owner’s freedom to deliver on great exterior appearance. This is exactly the language Fabletics is speaking. They are out to deliver on elegant designs that are both fashionable and easy to get into.

Kate Hudson of Fabletics stopped over for an interview at MarieClaire at http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/news/a19566/kate-hudson-fabletics-interview/ and gave interesting perspective through which Fabletics see fashion. What came out is that Fabletics is destined to take to take fashion to the next level. And most importantly, they have a business model that allows everyone to get a piece of their designs. Affordability is at the core of their model.

According to Hudson, Fabletics want to trigger the activity sense in girls considered lazy while in fact they remain tied indoors with little to choose from and that should have taken them out. The athleisure design can be worn to virtually anywhere: on a date out, on exercising, and even on an official assignment that allows more of a smart-casual dress. Ladies have no excuse for being inactive anymore!

What’s even more intriguing is that with some of their designs, one does not need to wear other non-core pieces like bra and Spanx. With their Topez dress, bras are built right in matching dreams of millions of ladies out there dreaming of owning a cute dress that secretly has a sporting bra in it.

Fabletics continues to grow the sporting culture with confidence. A lady can easily perform some yoga on the bench without worrying about how safely her breasts will remain in her top. She can as well go about sunbathing freely without worrying on letting out what should remain her secret. The designs are both sexy and sturdy making the wearer feel much protected in them.

Fabletics was born in 2013, as founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Resler together with Kate Hudson. This is after the trio saw a gap in the activewear market place. The many available at the time only served the premium market segment leaving the middle, and lower market ends with no affordable, stylish and high-quality gear at their disposal.

Kate Hudson is particularly instrumental to the success of the company. The iconic actress and fashion tastemaker has made it her business to inspire women to lead healthy and active lives. She keeps on sharing her favorite outfit every month. Fabletics has an online purchase point where all their wares are displayed. Suggestions are made depending on seasons or the latest fad in town. From here, shoppers can easily shop for their favorite collections and await delivery. Visit: http://www.fabletics.com/swim-shop

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