Watch Out: WEN By Chaz Creates Hollywood Hair For Bustle Blogger

Like Emily McClure, maybe you have fine, frizzy, do-nothing hair that you battle daily. So, you’re stuck with it forever, right?

No. You can change your hair and make it thicker, stronger and shinier, if you choose the proper products. WEN hair by Chaz is unique and the true original no lather shampoo system. Emily decided to give the brand a whirl on a 7-day personal hair journey. She kept a daily hair diary with hair selfies and posted them here for

WEN by Chaz was invented by famous LA hair guru Chaz Dean. He lives a clean and holistic lifestyle and wanted to create a line of hair care products that evolved from the same concept. WEN by Chaz is so special, because there is no lather and zero chemicals, so each strand is bathed and nourished with natural, botanical ingredients.

You don’t need shampoo for the perfect head of hair. WEN’s cleansing conditioners do everything from shampoo to deep-condition, all in one bottle that smells heavenly. If you want beautiful, strong, glossy locks, then WEN by Chaz can deliver, no matter the hair type.

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Emily used WEN by Chaz daily and always in the morning. Her hair responded ideally this way, and if she tried to switch up the routine, her hair did not achieve the same results.

Emily’s fine, limp locks got new life on Wen hair, and she noticed the difference in the shower as she massaged in the product. Her hair swelled in thickness and softened in texture. As she blew her hair dry and then used her favorite styling tools, her mane was A-list. Emily’s selfies show a gal with gorgeous, healthy hair.

WEN is not for lazy women, and Emily believes you need to give your hair attention and time on WEN. View the Wen hair products gallery on QVC, the Wen hair Facebook page or at

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