Vijay Eswaran: Giving The Masses A Precious And Powerful Gift

When a person is able to visualize their goal in detail as a completed action, believe with all their might in that vision and let it guide their actions, it is almost impossible for them to fail. That is the power Vijay Eswaran drew on in the building of the e-commerce juggernaut the QI Group. Eswaran co-founded the company in 1998, while Asia was on the verge of an economic depression. Within 10 years, the company was generating over $700 million a year. Economic conditions and other obstacles were no match for a cohesive team with an unwavering belief in their mission.

While building the QI Group was impressive, Vijay Eswaran’s most impactful accomplishment was getting the near one million members of his independent sales representatives to develop a success mindset and embrace the common vision of the masses pouring out their money to buy the products the QI Group offered. It helped them overcome the challenges they faced in large cities and remote villages throughout Asia. Because Vijay Eswaran was able to help them have unshakeable faith in the quality of their products and the success of their mission, getting people to buy their products was easy.

Vijay Eswaran goes into the details of how this is done in his books 18 Stepping Stones, In the Sphere of Silence, In The Thinking Zone and On The Wings of Thought. He talks about taking the time to sit in silence and focus on the goal you want to achieve. See yourself attaining it. Feel the joy of your accomplishment. Hear your customers thanking you for bringing them the products and services you offer. Taste the sweet nectar of success. When you are able to harness the power of all of your senses on a single goal, the universe is almost duty bound to make it a reality.

By helping his staff and the people who hear his talks and motivational speeches to understand and implement these concepts, Vijay Eswaran made them more powerful beings. People able to accomplish just about any goal. Vijay Eswaran has given them a precious gift.

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