Venezuela’s African Heritage Honored

Venezuela recently celebrated International Africa Week, in honor of their African heritage. There were performances on the streets, involving Afro-Venezuelan music. It was like a festival, there was food sold on the streets, music played, and art sold. All identifying with the Afro-Venezuelan culture. Artisans were out on the streets selling their goods. Sharing their culture with the rest of Venezuela.
One of the event’s founders Danilo Diaz Granados stated that this event is here so that people can learn, appreciate, and understand more about the Afro-Venezuelan culture. As even today in Venezuela, there is still subtle racism that creeps about because of the difference of skin color. But, this event is looked at as a way to take away these prejudiced and the Afro-Venezuelans to indulge and share their culture with the rest of the country. All in all, it seems the event was a success says Granados, and everyone enjoyed themselves, with rappers, bands, and poets performing at the event there was joy all around. The people of Venezuela will continue to celebrate this a celebration of a heritage their people have.


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