Use Food to Cure Health Problems

It’s not news to anyone that as a whole, our world is made up of increasingly sicker people. And that is a direct result of another thing which has happened: our world is made up of increasingly heavier people. So it stands to reason if food got us into this health crisis, food can get us out of it.

Decades of high-fat, low-nutrition fast food has caused our waist lines to expand. Combine that with the convenience of drive-thru windows which added to our already sedentary lifestyles and we can easily see how we got into the shape we’re in. Food is now being used to cure health problems and prevent others from developing.

Susan McGalla told us that heart disease, diabetes and obesity can be prevented or reversed by eating the right foods and eliminating the wrong foods. The vast majority of doctor office visits could also be prevented if the right foods were being eaten on a regular basis.

All nutrition experts will have their own version of what is the right foods to eat or what is the best diet plant to follow, but no one is more of an expert about the way food makes you feel than you. The best advice being offered as a means to use food to cure health problems is to try different eating style for two weeks, then assess how you feel.

Commit to a vegetarian, vegan, Ayuvedic, Mediterranean, macrobiotic, etc., eating plan for two weeks, you’ll find the one that is best for you and your health.

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