Todd Lubar: Real Estate’s Champion

In 1995, Todd Lubar entered into the real estate industry. It was an industry that combined his love of business and helping others. Real estate is a profit-based industry, but many forget that real estate professionals are helping people accomplish a dream. Lubar loves every facet of the financial side of real estate. Lubar believes that numbers are the key to making any business successful.

Lubar’s first job in the real estate industry was a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Crestar is where he learned the most valuable lesson he would use later in life. He learned the ins and outs of the model of conservative mortgage banking. He time at Crestar also taught him the importance of having an incredible network.

While working for other companies, Lubar began developing relationships with dozens of real estate agents, CPA’s, and other finance-based professionals. In 1999, Lubar began working for the Legacy Financial Group. His experience there offered him the opportunity to expand his lending capabilities. His new positions allowed him to look for funding from outside investors as well as mortgage banks.

Eventually, in 2002, he launched his company, Legendary Properties, LLC. His company specialized in handling rapid purchasing, rehabilitating, selling, and profiting. In just a year, his company processed over 200 transactions on several different types of property. With every successful project completed, he was able to develop business relationships with well-experienced professionals in the building trade. He would later use these connections to connect to major banking institutes to establish a positive line of credit up to $20 million.

Later, Lubar launched another company, Charter Funding. This company is a subsidiary of one of the largest privately held mortgage companies. Lubar used this new business affiliation to expand his business and increase his capabilities. Over his twelve-year career, Lubar noticed a small sector of underserved clients. Wanting to reach out to them, he formed Legendary Financial, LLC. This company offers lending sources to individuals and companies. Lubar used some of his money to aid borrowers who would usually be overlooked.


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