Three Ways to Improve McDonald’s Menu

McDonald’s has recently tried to make many improvements to their menu. The latest of these is a breakfast all day concept. However, many such as Grub Street and Ricardo Guimaraes (though he does admit that he is partial to the restaurant’s fries) are not fans. They don’t like the limited nature of the menu (so far it’s reported that the menu will be limited to three varieties of muffins and pancakes).

Here are 3 tips on how McDonald’s could improve their menu.

1) Reduce your menu items
McDonald’s has tried way too hard to be everything to everybody. This has caused a menu to be over bloated recently. Take the 20% most popular items and cut the fat. This will allow you to operate on the smaller margins the company needs to be successful by only selling what is successful.

2) Get more variations
Even though you need less items, more variation would make up for it. People love feeling like their sandwich was made just for them. Give customers a chance to have a hamburger or McChicken on a muffin or biscuit or follow Taco Bell and give them a chance to add a hash brown or french fries to a sandwich.

3)Forget the breakfast/lunch divide
Now that you’ve reduced your inventory and have a crossover in inventory, it is time to get rid of breakfast and lunch time. This will allow the person who gets up at noon and the person who wants a burger at 10 in the morning to both be satisfied and streamline the overall process.

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