The Young Food Masters

Last year, the food industry was eventful such as in U.S. Berkley became the first place to pass a soda tax. La Taqueria considered as the best burritos making place in the U.S. These are the small examples; the food delivery technology gained most of the headlines.

It also created a huge impact on the consumers. People like Jason Wang, started Caviar – a food service to deliver cuisines to the doorstep of consumers. Apoorva Mehta, owner of Instacart, is the fastest-growing grocery delivery service in the last five years. People like Nicholas Rellas and Justin Robinson, “two youngsters created an app-Drizzly”, which delivers alcohols at your place, it does not matter where do you live, you can order any brand from this app.

Alex Kvamme, created an app known as Seat Me, which can help us to reserve table in restaurants and bar. He has made more than $12.7 million from this service. NextGlass, founded by Kurt Taylor tells about the various wines and beers a person likes, it helps the company to improve the quality and chemical structure of the drink, and Ben Shaoul finds it very useful. On The Real Deal, it has been used quite a bit.

One Stanford graduate, Laura Borel, gives advice on eating, which are beneficial for any user, it is important in the present days to know what to eat and how much to eat.

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