The Quarter Pounder Is Getting A Makeover

McDonald’s is desperately trying to find and fix what is wrong with their menu. Their latest attempt at improvement will be on their famous Quarter Pounder burger. It will become a bit bigger, from 4 oz to 4.25 oz pre-cooking weight, and come in a different shape. Folks at Boraie Development have learned that they are even adding grill marks. There are no grills at McDonald’s so we can assume that the marks will be added at the production factory. The burger has been on McDonald’s menu since 1972, there are currently four options but there will soon be just one, specifically the sandwich getting the makeover. Changing one sandwich on their menu is hardly going to make up for falling sales numbers but the great minds of McDonald’s seem to think that it will please at least some of their customers. The burger giant is still set to close 700 stores world-wide this year.

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