The New Flavor: Foie Gras Ice Cream

The idea of Foie Gras ice cream seems incredulous but Odd Fellows in New York has created that flavor and so far it’s been well received. It’s served in a honey waffle cone, dipped in milk chocolate and covered with chopped hazelnuts. Despite its name, it is a sweet and creamy ice cream with flavors that somehow work together quite well.

Other odd but tasty flavors are Prosciutto ice cream, Extra Virgin Olive Oil ice cream, Miso Cherry ice cream, Burnt Marshmallow ice cream, Earl Grey ice cream, Maple, Bacon, Pecan ice cream and Cornbread ice cream. If you crave the unusual, you’ll have to try a cone at Odd Fellows. The flavor may be unusual, but the taste is sure to please. Me and Igor Cornelsen will have to make a date to get out there and give this wild idea a try.

Odd Fellows is owned by a husband and wife team and located in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, Brooklyn, New York. It has customers streaming in and they’re always talking about its unique and tasty flavors with the power to excite and delight. Regardless of the origins, their ice cream flavors combine the richness of meat and condiment flavors and perfectly pair them with sugary components which highlight their essence.

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