The Legacy of Stephen Murray as a Leader of CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital is a renowned investment firm on wall street that deals in growth capital and leveraged buyout transactions. Over the years, the firm has registered a high client base given that company has products and services that satisfied the client’s utility. The growth of the firm has seen it open offices in London, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong. CCMP Capital operates as an independent firm that has created a leveraged buyout and growth capital worth $12 billion.

The firm was incorporated in 1984 when it was still known as Chemical Ventures Partners. During this period, the firm was a venture capital and private equity arm of the Chemical Bank. A few years later, the Chase Manhattan Bank was acquired and the name of the entire institution changed to Chase Capital Partners. Four years later, J.P. Morgan was added into the portfolio and the name of the institution became JP Morgan Partners.

In 2004, J.P. Morgan Chase successfully acquired Bank One. They needed the firm because it had its separate equity investment arm called the One Equity Partner. Dick Cahin was in charge of the One Equity Partners. He was brought aboard so that the firm could serve as a JP Morgan Chase platform for the private equity. A while later, JP Morgan Partners announced plans of going solo and after the sale of the $925 million interest to secondary investors was completed, it branched out on its own. CCMP Capital came into existence with Stephen Murray becoming the president and Chief Executive officer of the entity. The firm closed in $3.4 billion in investors after a round of fundraising.

CCMP was sold Medpace in February 2014. Medpace is a pharmaceutical research institution. It was sold for a consideration of $900 million. The growth of CCMP Capital has been made possible by investing in different sectors and exploring potential investment hubs. CCMP has narrowed its investments in four crucial areas of the economy. These sectors are the retail, energy, health care and industrial sectors. The firm has managed to gain global recognition owing to its investment and marketing strategies initiated by Steve Murray. The firm has opened offices in different parts of the globe in order to enhance their services and be closer to their consumers.

Stephen Murray is the founder and former president of CCMP Capital. Stephen graduated from Boston College in 1984 with an economics undergraduate degree. The successful entrepreneur started his career at Manufacture Hanover Corporation where he also took part in a credit analyst-training program. He joined Columbia Business School where he did his post graduate degree in Business Administration. Immediately after his graduation, he joined MH Equity, which was later acquired by the Chemical Bank. Stephen stayed with the company and when JP Morgan Partners left, he took over and formed CCMP.

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