The Growth of different Groups of Hospitals in Brazil

Jorge Moll is a well-renowned cardiologist who is based in Brazil. He is also a successful entrepreneur. For instance, he is the founder and the owner of one of the largest groups of hospital and lab operations in Brazil. The group of hospitals is sub branched into thirty operational hospitals in Brazil which have turned out to help the local people and the people from different parts of the world. The health system of the Brazilian people has significantly improved which in turn has increased the economy of the Brazil nation. Mr. Jorge has also worked with different groups of medical organizations which have also contributed enormously to his success and international recognition. For instance, he has worked with the Sao Paulo-based hospital group, Rede d’ or and much more. Watch this video on

However, Mr. Jorge is the current president of the group of hospitals known as Rede d’Or which acts as a research and educative center. The organization helps many medical centers in doing scientific research and also improve the health care systems and improve patients care and treatment at different hospitals in Brazil. The group headed by Mr. Jorge Moll is also termed as a non-profit organization which offers various services to the health system. For instance, it provides services such as the imaging, internal medicine, neurosciences, intensive care medicine and much more.


Moreover, the organization is equipped with trained staff who offer quality services which have also contributed to the growth of the group for not only the Brazil people but also for the people from different countries who seek medical consultations in Brazil. The firm also uses modern technology to deliver quality services and adequate medical solutions that affect humankind. Since the organization is a non-profitable, it advocates for community empowerment, quality education and healthy living. Following the great leadership of Mr. Jorge Moll, the company provides other services such as the emergency care, women health services, oncology, orthopedics and much more. Mr. Jorge has moreover received international recognition which has contributed significantly to his career and success as a medical doctor in the industry. Follow Jorge Moll on Facebook.

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