The Field of Green Keeps Getting Greener for Brian Mulligan


A man with ambition, vision and talent, and Brian Mulligan conquered it all at a young age. Living and studying in the center of the entertainment world, Brian chose his career with familiarity and skill. After graduating from USC with a BS degree, he received his MBA from UCLA and attended USC School of Cinema, he studied and stayed involved in the sports, media, and the business world. He quickly moved into exciting management positions, such as EVP of Strategic Planning and Corporate Development Universal. Co-Chairman of Universal Pictures, CEO of Universal Television, Chairman of FOX Broadcasting and Cable. Today he holds the position of CEO of Brooknol Advisors. Brooknol encapsulates his three areas of expertise, (MES) Media, Entertainment, and Sports. Mulligan is a UCLA Lifetime Associate Member.

Brooknol Advisors is his own creation and development. He started Brooknol Advisors using his skills and knowledge which are nothing less than spectacular. As an expert in sports, video games, theme parks, film, recorded music, music publishing, TV, Cable, and the list goes on. He is labeled by Premiere Magazine to be “One of the 50 Most Powerful People in Hollywood”. The Los Angeles Business Journal has touted Brian Mulligan as “One Of The Most Prominent Bankers in Hollywood”. TMT Quarterly/Law 360 named him “One of the Leading Investment Bankers on Emerging Business Models”.

The Fields of Green is also produced by Mulligan. “The Fields of Green” is strictly sports-related keeping readers up-to-date on the latest and most informative sports news. Whether your favorite team, is from the NFL, NBA, Baseball, Golf, Soccer, Hockey, Tennis or the world of sports entertainment, The Field of Green covers the topic. The lively report is online and printed in USA Today Sports News. Old timers will recall the sports page being referred to as the “The Green Sheet” and now it appears to be back. The Green Sheet actually went hand-in-hand with the morning cup-of-coffee. The publication covers marketing in the sports arena, money in sports and the stands, along with “what’s hot and what’s not”.

Mulligan also cares about his community and diligently works to improve the LA Area. One of the organizations he is very involved with is “A Better LA”, The United Way, Land of the Free Foundation, and the YMCA. He has earned several awards for his cinema skills, and that includes Global Management, and he has earned an FINRA 63 and 79 Licenses.

It appears Brian Mulligan has nowhere to go but up, adding additional accomplishments to his already exhausted list of achievements.

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