The Estimated Amount of Calories a Chipotle Burrito Contains

For many individuals like Alexei Beltyukov, there is nothing more appetizing than eating a delicious burrito from the Chipotle chain restaurant for lunch. All of the delicious, fresh flavors mixed together make this an irresistible meal. Also according to , people like the simplicity of it. They know that they will wait in line, put their burrito together, and in just a few short minutes, they will be eating their food.

Chipotle is a company that is also concerned about the environment and has taken steps to provide healthy meals. For this reason, lots of health conscience individuals decide to eat at Chipotle. However, some people do not realize how many calories they are actually consuming when they eat a big burrito. It has been estimated that one of their typical burritos has over 1,000 calories. Most adults should only consume between 1,600 and 2,400 calories every day. So basically, when a person consumes a burrito at Chipotle, they are eating more than half of the calories they need for that day. And if they purchase a beverage and chips and salsa, they are adding many more calories to their meal.

Since Chipotle allows an individual to create their own burrito, and it can be made hundreds of different ways, there are things that people can do to minimize the amount of calories their burrito contains. For example, if they do not order cheese or cream on it, they may end up with a burrito that only has about 700 calories.

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