The Dangers Of Caffeine Powder

You may not know it but there is actually a product on the market that is caffeine in the form of a powder. This powder can be used for a pick me up in the middle of the day but this product is posing a lot of health risks and deadly outcomes. Caffeine powder can be purchased very quickly and easily, straight from the internet. The problem is that this product does not come with a lot of instruction and because of its concentrated content, it has posed deadly for some teens that have used it to get through a busy day or finals.

Caffeine powder can be mixed into any beverage to provide a
caffeinated beverage
that isn’t necessarily a coffee or soda. When too much is taken this can lead to cardiac arrythmias and seizures. This is not the case just for people who are sensitive to caffeine exposure but to just about anyone; including healthy, young individuals. While a serving size is included on the package, people have gone on to consume more than recommended after they see the great boost of energy they experience. Also, they feel they are doing more by not consuming sugary beverages; just consuming the caffeine that they want. You may see caffeine powder online or even in some stores. It is best to steer clear according to Ricardo Tosto. If a boost of energy from caffeine is what you are looking for you are much better off sticking to a safer option like tea. This way, you do not risk overdose or death.

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