The Children Of American Are Sick of Their Mundane Lunch Menu

Children are fed up with the lunches that are being served at their schools. Since Michelle Obama moved into the White House, the lunch menus at the countries schools have downgraded drastically. Children are taking to Twitter to show their disgust for the foods they are being served. With pictures of questionable items that look to be unappetizing, they are thanking the first lady for ruining their lunchtime.

I have to admit the foods they have photographed I wouldn’t feed to my dog. This problem is going on around the country. Here where I live, children are packing more and more to avoid eating the slop now being served at schools. Even people not in the United States like Gianfrancesco Genoso are surprised. To follow the strict dietary guidelines set forth by the USDA, more things have to be whole grain and anything sugar laden is out.

Since so many children depend on the free lunches to give them their nourishment for the day, many poverty income children are in real trouble. Some families don’t have the money to pack lunches for their children, especially when there are multiple in the home. So the only other option is for the children to refuse what they are given and go hungry.

It appears the adults aren’t happy with President Obama and his recent antics, and the children certainty are not happy with his wife either. Let’s hope the next first lady has some compassion on these kids and at least gives them guidelines that allows them to cook nutritious and delicious foods.

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