The Business Behind Fabletics

Since co-founding Fabletics in 2013, Kate Hudson’s grown the once small athleisure retailer into a $250 million company. Last year, Fabletics saw a 43 percent increase in sales, which is amazing considering how dominated the e-commerce fashion market is. Fabletics didn’t start the activewear movement, meaning there were already dozens of fashion powerhouses leading the industry.

Of the largest powerhouses is Amazon. Currently, Amazon controls 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market, making them Fabletic’s biggest competitors. Despite the market’s dominated economy, Fabletics still found a way to get over 20 million social media followers and open 18 retail stores. It seems like the brand’s 1.2 million members are hooked on something.

What Fabletic’s members are most likely hooked on is the on-trend fashion at half the price of what other brands are selling for. When someone becomes a Fabletic’s member, they can get several discounts on numerous items. Usually, those discounts are as high as 50 percent off.

While other shoppers are spending $100 or $200 on one pair of leggings, Fabletics members are spending half that and getting personalized fashion service. Also pushing Fabletics ahead of its competitors is Kate Hudson’s drive to provide fashion for all types of women. She wants Fabletic’s fashion to inspire every woman to feel her best and pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Four years ago, when Kate first began thinking about Fabletics, she knew she wanted to help all women. While Fabletics started out small, the brand just announced that they will be expanding into the plus-size market. There aren’t a lot of athleisure brands making products for big girls; Fabletics is.

The biggest problem for Kate wasn’t that more companies weren’t making activewear for big girls; it was that those that were charged close to $250 for a pair of yoga pants. Kate understood the importance of starting out small and inspiring plus-size women to become healthier.

For Kate Hudson, inspiration is everything. She, herself, is constantly inspired by her mother, Goldie Hawn. She grew up watching her mother put forth admirable effort into everything she believed in. She learned to never give up on her dreams and never stop fighting.

It’s that determination that made Fabletics what it is today. Fabletics is beloved by millions. A fact proved by the words of one reviewer.

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