The Advantages of ConnectUs Automated Forms by Securus Technologies

Technology has come a long way since 1986, when Securus Technologies first launched. This group comes from Texas originally, and since their initial launch have spread throughout the country. Currently, Securus Technologies can boast some 2,600 facilities that use their products. That number seems to increase on a steady basis, and it’s no wonder why. Besides having an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, this organization also regularly provides cutting edge technological solutions to its clients that save them thousands of dollars a year; solutions like ConnectUs Automated Forms.


ConnectUs Automated Forms is more than just a means by which prisoners can send forms digitally. In itself, that’s an excellent time and resource saver. When a prisoner can send a form over digital media, rather than physically giving it to an officer who must walk it to the appropriate place, where it is filed and eventually dealt with, substantial quotients of time can be preserved. From complaints and grievances forms to medical records and signup sheets, there are many areas in a modern correctional facility where digital automation can save. But ConnectUs also provides so much more.


Inmates using this new program will have access to applications, features, and support like never before. Additionally, those authorities monitoring use have complete control over what inmates can and cannot have access to. Educational opportunities abound, and don’t cost extra for books, pens, pencils, or paper. Families and friends can contact their incarcerated brethren with more ease, and correctional facilities save money while retaining taut control over day-to-day activities.


Securus Technologies has provided another game-changing technological innovation that will likely save millions across the country and do a great deal to help curb recidivism statistics. When resources can be freed up in a correctional facility’s budget, they can be devoted to more conducive means of normalizing and rehabilitating prisoners.


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