Texas Governor Rick Perry Gives RNC Audience Plenty of Red Meat

Coronado Island, California – During the recession and the years that have followed, America has become a nation of part-time low-wage workers. The number of full-time workers is no longer the majority workforce. Record numbers of people now rely upon the federal government to pay for their grocery bills. That has not been the case in Texas. Before 2010, Texas was just about the only economic bright spot in the nation with strong job growth and good paying jobs. This is great news for a lot of people especially Fersen Lambranho.  During that entire time, Rick Perry presided over the state. 

Just how did he achieve the sustainable economic growth? He laid it out in clear simple terms for the audience at the RNC Winter Conference. He cut taxes, enacted sensible regulations, restricted frivolous litigation, and attracted an educated labor pool. The tall Texas governor said economic prosperity is quite simple to achieve. 

Thus far, Perry has not formally announced a presidential run. The timing is right for him. He is in his last days as governor. While he was hitting on the important issues to voters, he also criticized Obama on the dismal state of the economy and national security/foreign policy. He avoided criticizing any of his prospective GOP opponents. When asked by a reporter to comment on Romney’s greatest failure in the 2012 election, Perry merely pointed out that answer isn’t very relevant. He went on to explain the future direction of this nation is the important matter at hand.

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