Techstyle Founders Drive Retail Fashion Through Technology And Online Marketing Strategies

Successful online marketing goes well beyond common strategies. Technology savvy firms are opting for innovative ways to earn the trust and business of the online consumer. Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg are using analytics and innovative marketing and business models that are driving fashion conscious customers to their stores and online portals. They are passionate about using disruptive marketing and distribution strategies backed by cutting-edge technology.

The two businessmen have a long history of working together at various successful ventures. They are currently the co-CEOS of Techstyle Fashion Group. Adam Goldberg founded Gamers Alliance at age fifteen. The company provided advertising services to online gaming sites. He sold the business to Intermix Media in 1999 and went to work for the new owner. He rose within the ranks to the COO position by the time he was twenty.

In like manner, Don Ressler established his business,, an online fitness and wellness company in 2001. He later joined Intermix Media and eventually sold the business to Intermix in 2011. He gained significant experience securing capital for a diverse range of online startups. The two entrepreneurs developed exceptional rapport working together at Intermix.

In 2006, they launched their first business together, Intelligent Beauty, an e-commerce company with a focus on consumer products such as personal care products. They then set out to find a strategy that captured the various requirements of online fashion shoppers while providing highly personalized shopping experiences. This saw the birth of JustFab, the precursor to Techstyle.

The company utilizes subscription-based membership to provide customized shopping services for athletic items and fashion accessories. It carries fashion tips and suggests items the customer would wish to buy. This is based on the unique customer preferences and activity derived from their online as well as offline interactions with the vendor. JustFab restructured in 2016 to achieve more control of the growing number of brands under the company.

The name Techstyle is a reflection of the firm’s use of technology to drive fashion. It also aligns the company as a top technology contender in the e-commerce space. Techstyle has a proven record of leadership fusing fashion and technology to great business success. The two co-CEOs also heavily rely on data analytics and feedback to create customized and disruptive fashion marketing strategies.

Adam and Don are dedicated to making women feel confident about themselves and exercise in comfort. Satisfied and happy customers accelerate the growth of the company. Similarly, they are more productive in the community. Through Techstyle, the two entrepreneurs look poised to take affordable shopping for fashion and sportswear to the top.

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