Talos Energy: A Rapidly Growing Organization:

*A Closer Look at Talos Energy:

Talos Energy is an independent gas and oil company which is currently based out of Houston Texas. Essentially, the company’s main interest is production as well as off shore exploration. The company has experienced rapid growth and Talos looks forward to a productive future.

Talos Energy seeks to acquire assets within the Gulf of Mexico region. The company has a collaborative approach that has enabled the company to grow, create as well as improve overall operations.

The company utilizes high end technology to become a larger and more powerful energy company. Talos uses the right combination of professionals, capital as well as the use modern technological resources to make Talos Energy a strong E &P company within the Gulf Coast region.

Talos works continually to improve overall production performance on all work over related projects. In addition, the company uses specialized drilling techniques in order to increase hydrocarbon recovery efforts. Talos Energy also has a strong commitment to health as well as environmental compliance standards.

*Corporate Leaders:

Timothy Duncan is currently the CEO of Talos Energy. Timothy Duncan has extensive experience in business development evaluations and negotiations. In addition, Mr. Duncan once held an upper level management position with Reservoir Engineering Company. He has also worked with a number of energy companies since starting his career over two decades ago. Mr. Duncan worked for Pennzoil for over six years.

In 2013, Talos Energy was named by the Houston Chronicle as one of the Top companies to work for within the Houston area. Timothy Duncan is directly responsible for the positive reviews that Talos Energy has received over the past five years.

Talos Energy is a company that will continue to grow and expand their operations in new areas. The company web site provides a wealth of information regarding the company and any recent changes or recently acquired acquisitions. The web site may be accessed by logging on to www.talosenergyllc.com .

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