Talkspace: Innovative Therapy for a Text Based World

Society has been pushing more towards a text based world with the use of social media and similar platforms. However, there have been even more advancements in technology in order to give people the ability to communicate better with the use of video and audio capabilities. However, some people are still only comfortable with the texting aspect. With the internet and the mobile apps, one would wonder is there is any way to get some kind of online therapy, especially with all of the personality disorders being diagnosed. One thing that people know about therapy is that it can be very costly, and not many people can afford the costs that go into therapy.

Fortunately, Talkspace provides people the chance to get the therapy they need even though they don’t have the money or the time for it. For one thing, people have tons of different personality and mood disorders that have their own unique causes. The way Talkspace works is that each member can sign up for an account. Then someone will reach him and introduce him to a therapist that is well matched to his specific needs. One of the best aspects of Talkspace is that the therapy can cost about $20 per week which is a lot less than $250 a session that some therapists charge.

Even for people who can’t really afford any type of therapy, there are plenty of articles that talk about different experiences and gives advice to people that are going through similar experiences. These articles deal with topics such as depression, borderline personality disorder, dysfunctional relationships and plenty of other unique circumstances that can cause a lot of problems in an individual’s life long after it is over. Talkspace is the type of app that people need in order to move forward with rebuilding their lives.

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