Taking Organo Gold Into the Future

Bernardo Chua is an entrepreneur and the founder of the Organic Coffee and Tea company Organo Gold. He was once known as a contender in the direct sales industry. He later developed a focus on coffees and teas so that he could introduce people worldwide to Ganoderma, a tropical region mushroom.

His success can be found under two successful companies Gano Excel and now Organo Gold. He is one of the pioneers in bringing Ganoderma to the North American market. He is of Chinese descent but grew up in the Philippines. His love for working in the direct sales business is what helped him grow the business quickly and globally.

Organo Gold is incredibly popular because of the use of one of their main ingredients, Ganoderma. It is a mushroom that is used in traditional asian medicine. Ganoderma is incredibly healing and aides in the weight loss process. It is considered the “King of Herbs” and is said to have high a high “spiritual potency”. Organo Gold is the only North American company to partner with the largest certified organic Ganoderma plantations.

Just a few short years ago Organo tapped into a $240 million herb industrial park. It is the largest plantation in the world. Organo continued to advance their efforts with studies on the benefits of Ganoderma. Their Ganoderma study showed that “Ganoderma lucidum slowed the pace of weight gain, by apparently altering bacteria inside the digestive systems of mice”. It was incredibly groundbreaking for the company and helped increase their sales.

Today Bernardo Chua is an award winning CEO and Organo Gold has expanded their product line into numerous beverages, beauty, body, bath and spa. His vision to sell a diverse product line of bioactive products containing the infamous Ganoderma has brought great success. He has turned the brand into a successful multi-level media marketing company that has expanded across the globe. From its launch in 2008 in British Columbia Organo Gold now serves 44 countries and six continents. As of early 2013 they had over 400,000 active independent representatives. Their revenues were over $215 million at the end of 2013. The success of Organo Gold lends itself to the expertise of their CEO Bernardo Chua.

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