Taking a Deeper Look At the Houston Real Estate and Restaurant Market

Many families in Houston are buying homes due to the high cost of rental in Houston. Over the last three to four years many luxury properties have sprung that rent to many families and individuals. Most of these rentals were not geared to the middle income family.

Due to this factor many families have been buying homes. Purchasing a home has been more beneficial to families especially with the tax benefits offered. Many of the Houston suburbs are becoming the size of small cities. Businesses have moved in and many families, couples, and individuals live and work there. Many people do not have that long commute to the city.

The market has many different types of housing so the market is diverse. The bread and butter of many realtors is the home that sells for $300,000 to $500,000. Prices will not go down but stabilize in 2015. The booming job market has brought many consumers that make a good salary to Houston.

Many custom homes will be built on expensive lots as consumers want more control on what their home looks like. They are scaling down the size and making homes more functional. Condos are a fast growing segment of the market in Houston. It is a nice alternative for those that don’t want to jump into the home owners market.

With condos there are many locations to choose from in Houston. Condos are located in the suburbs and the city. Renters will find many high rise luxury apartment complexes to choose from too. These are some of the options in the Houston real estate market.

Shopping centers like Highland Village run by realtor Haidar Barbouti are very successful. This high end retail shopping plaza has found the location to be one of the best sales locations in Houston. The realtor is constantly upgrading and marketing to help his shopping mall keep an edge on the competition.

He strives to give each retailer their own identity and unique look. Highland Village is called the most unique work of architecture in the 2000’s in Houston. It is a reflection of Houston’s booming real estate market.

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