Success Within USHealth

Randy Hildebrandt is a Satellite Division Leader for USHealth Advisors, and has been since 2012. Although to many this would be considered a career some would strive for, in his early years Randy had other dreams. With a 92 mph fastball, Randy was on the fast track to a college scholarship as a player. Sadly he blew out his shoulder in his last year playing for Anderson Shiro High in Anderson, Texas.

Randy looked up to “The King of The Hill” Nolan Ryan for motivation, as he made it through his shoulder injury. Looking up to someone with so many accolades only made Randy want to work harder to heal and be the best ball player he could possibly be. After making the team at Blinn College, Randy was struck by tragedy again as his shoulder went out on him. After much thought and consideration, he figured he would try another route and go back to school for business and economics. Visit  USHealth Advisor Agent for more info.

He saved up $2000 dollars around the time he graduated and also had his truck. Eventually he would find himself as the only person left in a presentation for a job, when his life would be changed forever. Sometimes good does come to those who wait as he was introduced to a mentor who would take him under his wing for the next 12 months selling insurance.

Randy learned the ins and outs of the business and continued even though he was on the brink of quitting and giving up. If he would have, he would have missed out on his current opportunity as well as the opportunity to be a part of HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday).

HOPE is run by agents of USHealth Advisors and it does a large amount of charity work and fundraising assistance for those in need. They don’t take it lightly as those involved go above and beyond to make every project a success and try to meet and exceed said goals. With a story like Randy’s and HOPE, it’s clear to see that USHealth is a company by the people and for the people.

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