Stopping Drug Use in Prison by Way of Securus Technologies

As a corrections officer in a very dangerous prison, one of my biggest jobs is making sure drugs stay out of the jail. You might think that with the technology today, this should be as easy problem to eliminate. Ask any inmate, they will tell you that they can get their hands on drugs in jail easier than they were able to out on the streets. To stop the problem, here are a few things we do each day in the jail as part of our efforts to make life safer for all.


The visitor center in the prison is the weakest point as far as drug issues. Inmates and visitors in close quarter s means things can change hands easily. We try to warn visitors they are going to be arrested if caught trying to make a transfer, but some will risk anything for the sale of making the inmate happy. We do physical searches and run everyone through scanners, but still the problem persists.


When we updated our inmate call system, Securus Technologies was there to help us learn their new LBS software. Securus Technologies is headed by Ricard Smith and in over 2,500 jails around the country. When the company says their objective is making the world safer for all of us, they weren’t kidding.


Days after learning how to operate the new system, we began getting results. On one call, I heard an inmate talking about how his family member needs to carry in certain drugs to avoid detection. We heard inmates talking about exactly where they hide drugs to avoid detection, and when they used those drugs. Inmates think they can talk in ways to avoid us picking up the chatter, but that is now impossible with the Securus Technologies inmate call monitoring system on guard.

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