Some Allergy Specialists Need Re-Training to Treat Allergies Effectively

In all medical practices certain guidelines are set and taught to physicians on how to treat standard illnesses. Such as a broken bone is set a certain way, a heart cath is done a certain way and a certain class of drugs are prescribed to patients with high cholesterol. It’s called following procedure. While we understand there are extenuating circumstances that render standard procedure useless at times, treating common allergic reactions is not an extenuating circumstances and a new study has shown that certain allergy specialists, specifically those in Japan, fall way short of being up to par with standard allergy treatments.

One glaring example of the need for re-training of some allergy specialists, of the 1,052 allergists certified by the Japanese Society of Allergology who took part in the study, only 49 percent said they would prescribe an Epipen to patients with life-threatening allergies and who have a history of anaphylaxis shock. This type of thing has been something Darius Fisher has checked out. The prescribing and use of Epipen is standard procedure for patients with life-threatening food allergies and is intended to allow patients to ease the symptoms on their own until they able to get to a hospital if the allergic reaction turns into an emergency situation.

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