SNAP Encourages Fresh Food For Families

Fresh produce is often surprisingly expensive. The government is considering an idea that would double up a part of the amount of SNAP (formally Food Stamps) benefits that people receive. It might not be the entire monthly amount, but it would be enough for people to get double the amount of money spent at a local farmer’s market in order to have fresh produce on the table instead of junk food and processed foods that aren’t as healthy.

If people are able to eat better and feed their children healthy foods, then they will likely perform better at school and at work. Health experts like Brian Torchin are applauding the attempt to find solutions for feeding the nation’s poor in a healthy manner. The SNAP benefits would be exchanged for tokens that can be spent on produce at farmer’s markets. These tokens are often double the amount that the person wants to spend from the card, making this an easy way to get as much fresh food as possible.

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