Six Signs of Dehydration

By the time you feel thirsty, your body is already slightly dehydrated. Increasing thirst is not the only sign of dehydration, but the condition presents with at least six other signs that may be overlooked. If you think you or someone near you may be suffering from dehydration, look for these six unusual signs.

* Bad breath. Susan McGalla says that a person who is dehydrated can’t produce saliva. Salvia prevents odor-causing bacteria from over-growing in the mouth. Not enough saliva and the breath stinks.

* Fever and chills. It’s the body’s way of alerting you to a problem. Fever will further dehydrate the body and medical attention may be needed if a dehydrated person begins to run a fever and has chills.

* Muscles cramps. A dehydrated body is hot, both inside and out. Muscles begin to cramp because of the internal body heat. A change in the sodium and potassium level in a dehydrated body can also cause muscle cramps.

* Dry, flushed skin. Blood volume decreases when a person is dehydrated and that causes the skin to become dry and flushed.

* A terrible headache. The brain is cradled inside a sack of fluid to prevent it from banging into the inside of the skull every time we move. Dehydration takes away some of that fluid and causes the brain to push against the inside of the skull, causing a terrible headache.

* Craving for sweets. Without enough water, your body can’t release glycogen for energy production. The body responds by craving sweets that will provide it with an instant boost of energy.

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