Sitting For Too Long Could Harm Your Health

A lot of people attempt to stay as active as possible by working out a few times per week, getting out for walks during lunch and so on. Unfortunately there are still plenty of times during the day when we tend to sit in one place for an extended length of time. Whether we are sitting in a meeting that is lasting for a couple of hours or we are typing away at our computers for the afternoon, studies conclude that when we sit for long periods of time we are raising our chance of developing cancer, diabetes and also cardiovascular disease according to Paul Mathieson..

People who engage in some form of daily exercise are at a lower risk of developing health issues but there is still the issue of lack of movement. Sitting for five or more hours at a time is harmful. While we cannot get around having to be at work each day we can do something about not moving around. Every hour make it a point to get up and move around for at least five to ten minutes. If you cannot get outside for a quick walk around the building then try a quick lap around your floor or head to the stairwell for a brisk trot up and down a few flight of stairs. You will not only be keeping your body healthier but you may actually find that you sleep better and feel better mentally by making these very small changes in your lifestyle.

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