Securus Technologies Sets Another Benchmark As Eleven Field Specialists Get BICSI Installer Certification

Field Service Specialists from around the world continuously seek high-end certifications, which help them enhance their knowledge and keep them up-to-date with the latest high-tech gadgets. However, there are few certifications that include intensive hands-on experience. The BICSI Installer Certification is among these highly coveted certifications, which takes a toll on those who try to achieve it because it requires participants to pass tough exams. Therefore, achieving the certification is not an easy task.


Recently, eleven field service specialists from Securus Technologies received the prestigious BICSI Installer I Certification. Although, Securus Technologies has a long history of investment in its employees, the certification reflects the pinnacle of achievement in the industry. The certification will help set a new benchmark for the criminal justice telecommunications industry, which is already accustomed to the innovative products of Securus Technologies in criminal facilities around the nation.

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As suggested, BICSI Installer I Certification requires intensive knowledge of the information and communication technology. As such, the certification cover the entire subject of ICT including voice, data, audio and video. During the certification process. In addition, participants learn to design, install, manage and maintain complex ICT projects, which depict real-time scenarios. These projects also involve pathways, spaces, optical fiber- and copper-based distribution systems, and wireless-based systems and infrastructure.


Commenting on the certification, SVP of Operations at Securus Technologies, Danny de Hoyos insisted that such highly-acclaimed certifications are necessary to fulfill the demands of their customers. Because services offered by his company are often seen as a benchmark, therefore field specialist need to develop expertise that can address some of the most complicated issues faced by the criminal justice system. He also claimed that the experience of his experts is also vital to achieving the successful certification. Interestingly, field specialists working with the company average 15 years of tenure with Securus Technologies.


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