Scientists: Fit Men in their 40’s Have Lower Risk of Cancer

Scientists in Texas have done a study showing that men in their late 40’s who are physically fit have a lower risk of lung cancer than those who aren’t. Also, fit middle-aged men who do get lung cancer have a better chance of surviving it than those who don’t.

This study confirms what has long been suspected: there is a definite link between staying fit and avoiding cancer. Similar studies with women have shown that women in good physical condition are at lower risk for breast cancer than those who are not, according to Marc Sparks.

To me, this is a very encouraging study. It makes me feel as if I have more control over my own health. By exercising, I can reduce the risk of cancer, and that makes me feel more in control over all. Of course, death gets us all eventually, but at least there is something we can do as individuals in the meantime to improve the length and quality of our lives.

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