Scary Disease Resistant Bacteria Causing Hospital Deaths

Seven patients were infected and as many as 200 patients were exposed to a bacterial infection resistant to antibiotics at a hospital in Los Angeles, California. Patients were exposed via contaminated instruments, Reuters was covering.   Ray Lane was pretty horrified by all of that.

The instruments which were used by medical staff at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center were found to have traces of Carbapenem Resistant Enterobacteriaceae, known as CRE. 179 patients were definitely exposed to CRE during procedures using the contaminated instruments.

Death rates resulting from CRE complications can reach 50 percent because of the antibiotic resistance. Two of the patients who were infected by the CRE bacteria at the Los Angeles hospital died.

A hospital representative said that the contaminated instruments were sterilized according to the manufacturer’s directions and the infected instruments are no longer being used. The hospital has intensified the sterilization process.

In 2013, a hospital in Illinois experienced a similar incidence of infection using the same types of procedures and instruments. Another similar occurrence happened in January, at a hospital in Seattle.

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