Salmonella Outbreak: Certain Sprouts Contaminated in 10 States

Raw sprouts have been linked to a number of food poisoning cases. This is not the first time this has taken place.

According to the CDC, 63 people from 10 U.S. states on the East Coast complained of food poisoning after eating sprouts from a New York City bean supplier called Wonton Foods Inc. in Brooklyn. The company has agreed to stop production temporarily. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated that 78 percent of the people interviewed admitted eating foods that contained bean sprouts no more than a week before developing symptoms, and that has Jason Halpern feeling concerned.

Over the summer deaths and illnesses linked to listeria in mung bean sprouts was evident in the Midwestern region of the U.S. In the Western states, there were 19 instances of E.coli due to the consumption of raw sprouts.

Wonton Foods Inc. confirmed through a representative that they will stop making and selling food until the salmonella outbreak has ended. The representative declined to provide their name, and stated that the company had no further comment at this time.

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