Ricardo Tosto’s Success in the Law Profession

Brazil has a large number of lawyers due to numerous law schools established in the region. In 2010, the country was third ranking with the most number of lawyers globally. The United States had more than one million professional lawyers thus was ranked second. Brazil has the highest number of law schools in the world. In 2010, the National Council of Justice announced that Brazil had 1, 240 law schools.

Brazil has eight hundred thousand lawyers. However, statistics show that if law students in the country were to be approved, Brazil would have three million law professionals. Most lawyers in Brazil start their law profession when they are twenty-three years old, mostly after five or six years interning and schooling. To become a certified lawyer, you have to pass the Brazilian Bar Exam.

Large law firms in Brazil have more than 500 lawyers. Some of the large law firms include TozziniFreire and Pinheiro Neto. Law firms specializing in an area have approximately fifty lawyers. Lawyers who work in Brazilian law firms are separated into three group; interns, associates or partners. However, interns occupy the largest number. On the other hand, partners are paid according to the number of clients they bring. Associates are paid salaries. It is worth noting that clients are charged on hourly basis.

It is easy to find a lawyer to work for you in Brazil. The best way of getting a reputable one is through references from colleagues and friends. You can also conduct your research to identify competent lawyers. Since most law students undergo a challenging Bar examination and rigorous schooling, they tend to be excellent and very professional while defending their clients.

Ricardo Tosto is one of the founders and partner of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Ricardo Tosto specializes in Banking, Bankruptcy, Credit Recovery, Administrative Law, Commercial Law, Civil Law, Business Restructuring, and Reorganization among others. Before joining the firm, Ricardo Tosto served at Grupo Rede as an adviser of the legal and Human Resource Management of the company.

Ricardo Tosto was nominated as among the best lawyers in Commercial Litigation in Brazil. His practice is well recognized by Analise 500 which is a Brazilian legal publication as well as Legal 500. Ricardo Tosto graduated from Mackenzie where he earned his degree in law.

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