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The law profession is very popular in Brazil. There numerous lawyers in the country thanks to the high number of law schools in the country. Brazil is ranked as one of the counties in the world that has the highest number of lawyers in the globe. It is ranked number three after United States of America and India. With over one million lawyers, it is obvious that this is a profession that attracts a very large number of young people in the country. According to statistics, this is the country that has the largest number of law schools in the whole world. In fact, the number of law schools in the country alone is higher than the total number of all the other countries in the world.

For one to qualify as a lawyer in Brazil, one must undergo five years mandatory degree program from a university recognized by the bodies that regulate law and education in the country. After the passage of this level, one then proceeds to a law school for more studies. At the end of the law school, every potential lawyer must sit for a bar examination that will allow registration with the bar council. This is the council that approves lawyers that are allowed to practice in the country. Failure to pass this examination means that one will not qualify as a lawyer.

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Ricardo Tosto is one of the lawyers from Brazil. Ricardo Tosto handles matters of business litigation, corporate law, employment law, election law among other civil related cases. Ricardo Tosto is among the best law brains in the country. He is the go-to lawyer when in need of services of a business litigator. He is very experienced and knows how to win cases for his clients. He is a graduate of the Mackenzie Presbyterian University in Sao Paulo.

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