Restaurant Uses FaceBook To Shame Customers

A Burger & Lobster chain restaurant in the UK recently used FaceBook to shame a family that walked out without paying their bill. This mini-chain, with eight locations, was featured in the, Flatiron as it is expanding at a rapid pace. The restaurant has a simple menu of grilled lobster and hamburgers at the same price. It is shocking however, that they did not allow a family time to realize their mistake before posting their actual picture on FaceBook along with a scolding. 

They do state in their posting that they are not sure if it was a mistake; or if the family just walked out; but they urged them to contact the restaurant and pay for the meal. 

The posting has since been pulled; probably due to the 600 comments from people like Dr Rod Rohrich received on it telling the Burger & Lobster that they didn’t even give the family a chance to realize their mistake before putting their faces on such a public forum. 

The past few years has seen a lot of postings such as this for some of the more extreme restaurants; even tip-shaming. One can only hope there is less embarrassment of this nature showing up this year after an enjoyed meal

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