Recent New York Restaurants Encounters

New York’s culinary scene is always changing. According to restaurant writer, Bill Addison, this makes it impossible to create a set definition of New York food. Yet he does identify some interesting restaurants which illustrate the diversity of cuisine that can be experienced in New York City.

The Mexican restaurant Cosme has been raved about by critics. The night that Addison went, however, the food was only fair, owing to an off-night, he speculates, although the dishes were nicely presented.

Gianfrancesco Genoso had told us that another established restaurant, Batard, is the venture between Drew Nieporent, John Winterman and Markus Glocker. The partners in this restaurant as well as its name have changed over the years, yet the quality of the food is high and includes an assortment of cheeses by Winterman and delicious schnitzel by Austrian Glocker.

Oda House, another restaurant Addison highlights, serves Georgian food. The former Soviet Republic of Georgia is located along the historical spice route and its cuisine reflects this as it includes many spices. One of the “centerpieces” at each dining table, though, was the not-so-spicy bread called Khachapuri. This is an oval shaped bread with tapered, nobbed ends. In the middle of the bread is a mixture of mozerella and feta cheeses, raw egg and a stick of butter. This was a favorite among Addison and his restaurant guests, and he predicts it will become a food popular in the US by 2020.

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