Realize Enlightenment and Improve Your Quality of Life through the Kabbalah Centre

The teachings of Kabbalah have been passed down for generations. The Kabbalah Centre continues this tradition. It endeavors to enlighten humankind enabling you to achieve fulfillment. The knowledge encourages a deeper connection with the universe and those around you. It allows practitioners to live a better quality of life by empowering them with actionable steps that improve lifestyles on a daily basis.

For example, wear clothes that transform your day with positive energy, which promotes better relations with people. The spiritual wisdom encourages indulgence in worldly desires to discover deeper connections with people. However, overindulgence is discouraged. The Kabbalah Centre teaches you how to rectify self-destructive habits to achieve positive change. It explains mysteries about life and the universe, and guides you to eliminate harmful elements such as chaos and suffering.

The Kabbalistic teachings seamlessly fit into contemporary lifestyles and cut across religion lines enabling you to achieve enlightenment and inner peace regardless of your background. Strive to be a medium for light and unite with others so that the light is strong enough to transform the world.

The Kabbalah Centre was launched in 1984 in Los Angeles by Philip Berg and his wife, Karen. The non-profit promotes awareness about the teachings by offering onsite lessons in its regional centers besides online education portals and global study groups. It also features an extensive print and digital library of the study materials.The organization enjoys a worldwide following with a presence in the US, South America, Europe, and Asia and the Middle East. Famous celebrities such as Madonna and Mick Jagger have put the spotlight on the institution helping mobilize interest.

The Kabbalah Centre is also dedicated to caring for the needy through the Charitable Causes program. It supports victims of disasters, poverty, and social injustice. It helped survivors of Hurricane Katrina, the tsunami and the earthquake in Haiti. The Kabbalah Centre also supports charities such as Habitat for Humanity and the American Red Cross.

To know more visit :Kabbalah Centre International – YouTube channel

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