Rare Starbucks Drink Available For Just One Week

If you decide to not take your morning route to Starbucks this week you may be missing out. The company’s latest coffee is so rare they are only selling it for a single week. When Starbucks isn’t too busy attempting to solve the race relations problems of America, many employees of the shop are still roasting and selling coffee. In fact, they are roasting and selling a lot of it on a daily basis. Jason Halpern suggested that their newest blend of coffee is so rare that it will only be available for purchase in select stores for a mere week.

The “reserve” offering is naturally low-caf Laurina Varietal from the country of Nicaragua. The beverage is said to have a “softy lemony character”. The beans are said to have been roasted at an exquisite reserve roastery in Seattle, WA last Tuesday. They then shipped to 20 stores in the nations. Of the 20 Starbucks locations, only 3 of them are located outside of Seattle, with one being in Chicago, one in Williamsburg and one at Harvard. If spending $16 on a bag of the rare coffee sounds like something you would like to commence in then you may want to hurry before it is all gone.

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