Rapping Your Way To McDonald’s Fame

The stars seem to be always out of our reach. Hidden away in their Hollywood homes, staying secluded from the world, it is virtually impossible to meet or get to know your favorite stars without going to an extreme.

This is what one fan did. The fan, Hi-Rez, aspiring to be like his favorite rapper Lil Wayne, went into a McDonald’s restaurant and rapped his way into YouTube fame. The rap entailed what he wanted to eat. It was obviously so impressive that Mr. Wayne sought the person out.

Hi-Rez then went on to rap the entire menu to the delight of both employees and guests. Dino.com says the crew gathered round to get down on his sick beats and offer a rousing round of applause when the gig was done. Guests also gathered in close enough to hear the entire rap and the hopeful MC was offered many thanks and handshakes at the end of his bit.

Was the food ok? He never said, but did garner the response and attention of his favorite rapper. So, going to the extreme may not always be the appropriate thing to do in every situation. Although, if trying to get the attention who goes to extremes in his own life, this may just be the ticket to getting the attention of potential fans and the stars.

Hi-Rez may just become the next major MC in the rap world, thanks to his innovative way of ordering some food.

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