Proposed Soda Tax Knocked Down By Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

This past week in Berkeley, California, officials took a new issue to the ballots and Mike Livak was hoping the people would come out in droves. Elected officials took a stand against the soft drink industry. Officials proposed initiating a 1-cent tax per ounce on soft drinks. It was estimated, if this tax went through, it would decrease the amount of soda sales in Berkeley by 10 percent. Although this was a new issue taken to vote in Berkeley, it is an issue that has been circulating the country for some time now. It began with Mayor Michael Bloomberg in New York City.

Sugary soft drinks are the major cause of numerous diseases that are spreading rapidly across the country. Sadly, the proposal in Berkeley did not pass. However, this is all very similar to the battle officials have been fighting against the tobacco industry. Although tobacco is still widely sold in the United States, the number of people that smoke is on the decline and many stores are refusing to sell tobacco products. Education is the key! Let’s hope the trend continues and this is just the beginning of what is going to be a long, but worthwhile, battle against the soft drink industry.

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