Professional Tour Manager Clayton Hutson

If you’re searching for a perfect solution when it comes to tour, event and stage management or a professional that can create music on the stage, take a look at tour manager and music engineer, Clayton Hutson. By profession, Clayton is a sound designer making artist’s live performances sound one-of-a-kind, and at the same time managing their total music production. When it comes to going on the road and getting your music heard from people with all different kind of backgrounds, but interested in hearing the style of music you make, it’s essential to keep making a good name for yourself, and with Clayton Hutson that will be done with his expertise from the hands on work ethic.


Whether you’re an beginner or expert, Hutson will have you at the top of your game getting the way you want to sound just right. Any situation that you are in, and any show you want to portray your authentic self, Clayton Hutson will have you covered in all aspects to give the audience that one in a lifetime experience innovating your original vision. One thing he is going to make sure of is, that you as an artist have that spectacular experience you will never forget. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned artist who has had their numerous tour managers, or a new independent artist looking to expand your horizons, Clayton Hutson is someone who can lead you in the right direction with your vision in place.


The last thing I will have to do is try to convince you as an artist or business owner, when Hutson has created a reputable resume on his own accord dealing with top-notch artist well-known all over the world. Jill Scott, Maxwell, Guns and Roses are just to name a few that Clayton has managed while going on tour and has made a name for himself being a person that is trustworthy, an attribute that is hard to find in the music industry today. In the arena of sound engineering and production, Clayton Hutson has created his own lane providing well-timed stage and sound management for some heavy hitters in the game right now! Learn more:


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