Powerhouse Attorney Dan Newlin Gets Results

As a Florida native I have watched Dan Newlin progress. I have witnessed him get the big results for his clients, and I realized that he was on his way up in the world. He isn’t the new lawyer on the block anymore. He is a professional with years of experience under his belt. He seemed natural that Newlin would grow and expand, but people may have wondered what he would do as he continued to gain the attention of more clients. I would say that expansion would be the next thing in this type of progression, and that is exactly what Newlin has done. He has continued to fight cases in the Florida area, but he has also expanded his services to Chicago. Clients may then wonder how he could manage two offices in two completely different environments. The answer to this would be to invest in others in the practice of law that have the same level of skill.

Dan Newlin has been able to be confident and make some great strides into the new office in Chicago because he has had a great support team. His work history speaks volumes as well. This makes it easier for him to promote his new office in the Chicago area. All the work that he has done in the south has prepared him to handle the northern cases that he is now tackling. Dan Newlin is a well known personal injury attorney in the state of Florida.

What ultimately serves as the cornerstone to his success is his passion for upholding the law and doing the right thing. Dan Newlin started in the law enforcement side. He has captured fugitives, and he has developed the type of resume that shows that he is really interested in helping people. Over the span of his career in law he has won over $150 million for his clients. This is a huge sum that continues to grow as his business continues to expand. He gives free consultation to those that are in need. He has the experience, and he has a record of stability when it comes to winning cases. Check out Dan Newlin on Monster.com.

I am convinced that Dan Newlin is the ideal personal injury lawyer because he really takes his job seriously. He is not out there just trying to increase his profits for himself. He has a genuine concern for getting his clients what they need. This has served him well in his pursuit of what is right. He may not be in law enforcement anymore, but he still believes in upholding the law. Newlin is doing his part to make the world a better place by coming to the aid of those that are in need of help. His client base in Chicago is growing because of this.

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